Arts Degree Show2015

Evelyn Yee Ting Lee

I am a 3D Design student, I chose ceramic to be my final project area. The project name is ‘Shareware’, the concept is to encourage people to connect, engage themselves through sharing food palettes during a meal.

In Chinese culture, we share our food, instead of eating your portion to yourself. We put our mains on a few bigger plates, each meal we could have more variety of food, so the rice bowl is almost like side plates to share big portion of food in western culture. Shareware is meant to be tableware set is inviting people to enjoy their food and elevate the visual excitement for the food they have.

The set is targeted for at least 2 consumers for a meal. Hence requires at least 2 sets of teacups and rice bowls, preferably 2-3 serving plates for mains to increase the available variety within a meal.

Placement: Summer Internship in Shanghai KRA International 2011