Arts Degree Show2015

Emily Burrows

The inspiration and theme of my jewellery stems from my passion for preservation. I am fascinated by original lockets of the Victorian era and their obsession with remembrance.

Through my work I aim to create pieces that not only hold their own symbols, but also become vessels to hold individual memories and emotions for the wearer. My work has been hugely influenced by the artist and jeweller Kate Gilliland, her pieces feature small taxidurmied animals that are being preserved within her beautiful pieces of jewellery. We share a similar aim with our work, endeavouring to conserve objects of the present for future generations to experience and discover.

My achievements so far include being accepted and participating in The Goldsmiths' Company Undergraduate Summer School in 2013. During the week I learnt many new skills including spinning and raising fine metals, I also met so many new friends and still keep in touch with my tutors. In 2014 I entered the British Art Medal Society Medal Competition and was featured in that years exhibition. And finally I have applied and been accepted to Bishopsland Educational Trust, this is an internationally recognised, post graduate residential course, a bridging the gap between university and professional life as a silversmith or jeweller.