Arts Degree Show2015

Claudia Long Tin Hui

My jewellery is both decorative and wearable; and is created from a variety of metals. I love to use precious metals such as silver because of the high quality of the finish; however, I also use copper, aluminium and brass; and thrive on experimenting with fresh designs. I avoid limiting myself in terms of styles or types of jewellery; but confess a particular fondness for designing complete jewellery sets.

When designing jewellery, I often like to take inspiration from my surroundings.

Temporary, fleeting beauty particularly inspires me; such as the beauty of a flower in bloom, or the natural vibrancy of coral. I love to capture these moments and preserve their quality forever in the items I create. I also often seek to bring out the natural softness of the original form, replicating the smoothness and curves; and taking the natural dynamism of an object as inspiration, recreating those features in my jewellery.

This collection is an exploration of Space imagery, focusing on strong graphic forms and narrative pieces. Inspired by 1960s science fiction illustrations and photography, the aim of the project is to use such imagery and style to create a distinctly contemporary set of designs for autumn/winter men’s fashion. Contrast and boldness within the colour palette has enhanced the almost futuristic mood of these prints, a mood that is furthered by the accompanying photographic digital designs.

I hope to have captured the excitement and strangeness of the Space as the unknown. By looking at the natural elements of space such as the planetary system and astronomy alongside past, present and even future technology we may use to explore it, my work is a representation of beauty and possibility.