Arts Degree Show2015

Alex Best

I take inspiration form the secrets of historical jewels and jewellery, especially those found in museums such as the Victoria and Albert museum and the Cheapside Hoard. I find the Victorian era especially interesting, as they used jewellery and symbolism as an important way of expressing personal feelings of love, loss and mourning. I want to include these private expressions of emotions in my work.

I am intrigued by the relationship that we as humans have developed with jewellery, creating emotional bonds and deeper connections with jewellery. I want my work to reflect the deeper emotional bonds formed with jewellery. For this project I will be focusing rings because I feel that they possess a greatest connection with the wearer.

I also draw inspiration from the miniature intricacies and imperfections found in natural forms. I have always been attracted these forms because they are so often overlooked, and possess an unconventional beauty. I wish to recreate these imperfect forms in my own work.

My achievements so far include an internship with up and coming jewellery company REO jewels. I also featured in the British Art Medal Society exhibition and was a runner up in the competition.