Arts Degree Show2015

Abigail Britton

Inspiration arose from the fusion of materials especially those used in buildings to form and obtain line and shapes for support.

Personally I find that the manipulation of small wire joints are an intricate and delicate design prospect, and when pieced together can form something strong and detailed. My current work consists of structural, geometric, ceramic and metal combined pieces, these highlight modern, abstract and architectural developments that are to hold and protect the interior elements. For example creating small wearable sculptures that frame ceramic foundations, with outlines of metal figures.

Since recent trips and visits to urban environments I have discovered an interest in structure where there is a sense of arrangement, sequence and pattern. My pieces represent the building up of an object, creating layers of repetition to reach a final outcome.

Competitions/ Achievements: 

Entered The BAMS student medal project in 2014 for the module 'Atelier to factory'. 

Work exhibited at the 'Lakeside life project' for the Lakeside Arts Centre Museum for 'Creativity and the Market' module in 2014.