Arts degree show2017

Lucy Raymond

With the influence of today’s political and journalistic scene, women’s bodies are under more scrutiny than ever before.

Female body image is common in the press, whether that be beauty magazines, marches to fight against anti-abortion laws, protests and body positive campaigns or through individual struggles against eating disorders. My photography focuses on the exploration of the individual beauty of every woman whilst de-stabilising the stigma of the normalised sexualisation of women.

The Hasselblad H5D allowed me to display my images large scale, making the viewer uncomfortable by forcing them to overcome this sexualisation of woman’s bodies. I aim to make them question their judgement. This is especially evident in some of the images with painted nipples. On social media sites such as Instagram, images of female nipples are not permitted unless they are covered because of the ‘sexual nature’; however, with a simple coat of paint this bypasses ‘offensive content’. This series is giving power back to women over their own bodies as well as producing visually stunning images.