Arts degree show2017

Leah Richards

My work is focussed on the theme of schizophrenia.

This theme is intrinsic to my art because I suffer from this mental illness. My practice is purely subjective and personal in its content. Mono printing is the main media that I work with and I use text to make statements about what it is to have schizophrenia. I print onto acetate because this represents how thoughts appear in the mind. I have made books from these prints to allow the viewer to read my mind, as it were.

The experience of looking through the books and trying to read them is a metaphor for trying to understand your own thoughts as a schizophrenic. You have to examine the pages to understand what they really say. It is necessary to consider carefully thoughts that come from the subconscious because as a schizophrenic they come into the conscious more easily and therefore this presents a problem. I manage my illness with anti-psychotics which cause side-effects and this adds to my experience.