Arts degree show2017

Laura Gilbert

Chance is something happening without human intention.

Art is a conscious thing.

In terms of their association to one another, there’s a gap – between intention and outcome. My practice is an exploration of this relationship, identifying what can happen when the role of the artist shifts and the gap is made deliberate within art making.

My role as the artist is not creator but an instrument of chance; I have no conscious responsibility. The desertion of choice allows myself, the artist, a distance from the outcome, in turn encouraging chance and process to take precedence.

I present these notions through camera-less photography and an installation of the darkroom. The installation is an organic space, lived and worked in by the artist; an honest documentation of process. I rely on the image of the darkroom, what it represents and what is physically inside the space, as tools for creating narrative; to communicate the story of chance.

When you step into the darkroom, time stops.