Arts degree show2017

Jessica Miller

Place attachment is the emotional bond between a person and place that is developed through subjective experiences, time and re-visitation.

Our identity is anchored by each attachment and with subsequent engagements or return visits to this place we create a deeper emotive connection with it.

With influences from travel and post-minimalism, I use photography to document my time within different places over a long period. This work reflects on my own relationship with place and the importance of time when generating connections. My choice of subject matter has been narrowed down to significant locations in my life; each transparent layer evidences my presence there and represents the notion of memory.


Loughborough University Arts Degree Show, 2017

Free Range – Truman Gallery, London, 2017

Perpetual Flux – MTC Coventry, 2016


Media and Kit Secretary – Loughborough Students Lifesaving Club, 2016-17