Arts degree show2017

Eloise Dulcie Wyatt

My work investigates the relationship between the human body and mutilation.

The series I have created illustrates reproduced heads that have specifically been manipulated using ancient tribal modifications such as stretching, scarification and cranial deformation. The sculptures act as a representation of purposefully inflicted body alteration, which evidences the extreme practices that culture influences. The mixed media collages are inspired by surrealist cinema, an art form that ignited fascinations with the grotesque appearance of desecrating the unblemished human form. The abnormal and irrational anatomy of the heads possesses surreal ideologies; by portraying figures that are inconceivable in reality, I am producing works that can only exist through imagination.

Within my sculptural pieces, I have integrated the apparatus used to modify, using them as a medium to highlight the brutality that these alterations project. The reactional element of my work is essential: when the sculptures are observed there will be a complexity between repulse and intrigue. Mutilation is an inconceivable act; however, the outcome may hold an unexpected sculptural beauty.