Arts degree show2017

Cathy Davies

My work interrogates cultural and innately human endeavours to transcend mortal limitation.

Figurative sculpture and celestial imagery communicates a historical focus on physical and theological aspirations of permanence through religious spirituality and the immortality of art. Material tension between the ephemeral and the permanent aims to subvert western cultural ideals of the human ‘self’, accentuating the poignant relationship with death and creative desires for endurance.

The ‘passions of self-preservation’ intrinsic to the Burkean sublime inspire a sculptural language of figuration and visceral transitory processes which aim to heighten a sense of impermanence. Influenced by Keats’ poetical themes of death and eternity in art and nature, sculptural imagery and materiality juxtapose and interfuse life and death as a contemporary humanist allegory to mortal inevitability, necessity and natural continuity.