Arts degree show2017

Welcome to our Arts Degree Show 2017

Our graduates have a strong tradition of building careers in a range of occupations around their creative practice.

Challenging convention and understanding the benefits of taking risks, many of these enterprising new artists and designers will go on from here to contribute to the UK’s outstanding role in the creative industries.

The work which you will encounter in the Arts Degree Show 2017 is imaginative, adventurous and thought-provoking, bringing the individual and unique talents of our final-year students into an inspiring collective event. This diverse and rich display is the outcome of their application, talents and skills which have developed in an open and supportive studio- and practice-based environment, underpinned by rigorous theoretical and critical debate.

Art and Design at Loughborough has been recognised nationally and globally, placed 4th in the UK (Complete University Guide 2018) and in the world top 40 for the past three years (QS World Rankings 2015, 2016, 2017) and the works on display evidence excellence.

There are paintings and illustrations, textile design, fashion garments, sculpture, photographs, installations, short films and animations, portfolios of graphic design work and video game demos. The Arts Degree Show is created by our students, working with members of staff, to showcase their works in the ways that they have judged exemplify their achievements and potential. I am sure you will join with me in congratulating them and wishing them every success in the future.

Alison Yarrington

Professor of Art History
Dean of the School of the Arts, English and Drama