Arts Degree Show2016

Holly Kemp

This collection began through the experimentation of methods to create texture within the clay surface. Uniting that research with my love for minimalism and industrial forms, I have produced this series of ceramic vessels. These forms originated from three individual shapes that I have combined together in a variety of ways to create a unique amalgamation. I have contrasted the stark, controlled shapes with the soft colours and textures of the surface to create contemporary, functional vessels.


Placements / Work Experience:

Volunteer Page Designer at LSU Label Magazine, October 2015 - Present

After School Maths Club Teacher, April 2015 - Present

Woodwork Specialist Teacher at Camp Tamarack, Michigan, June - August 2015 

Freelance Artist at Peter & That's Enough - February 2015 

Retail Assistant at Contre Jour Interior Design Shop in Limoges, France - April 2012



New Designers 2016 (Upcoming) 

Earth & Fire International Ceramic Fair 2016 (Upcoming)

Foundation Art & Design, June 2013



Programme Representative for 3D Design: New Practice, October 2015 - Present

Degree Show Committee Representative, November 2015 - Present