Research and expertise

I am a research associate working on hydrodynamic modelling and flood risk assessment. My research interests cover both city-scale and catchment scale flood simulation, flood risk assessment for compound events, and real-time flood forecasting.

Current research activity

  • Work on UKRI-funded project FUTURE-DRAINAGE: To couple rainfall predictions from new climate projections across the UK with a high-performance hydrodynamic model to simulate floods in urban area
  • Work on UKRI-funded project Living Deltas Hub: To develop an integrated risk assessment framework for compound floods, and a delta dynamic modelling system for responses in hydrology, river channel patterns and land-use and to inform delta-scale planning

Recently completed research projects

UKRI-funded project Flood-PREPARED: my work was to develop a real-time flood forecasting system based on a high-performance hydrodynamic model and couple it with a radar rainfall model and impact assessment modules

Recent publications

  • Ming, X., Liang, Q., Xia, X., Li, D., & Fowler, H. J. (2020) Real-time flood forecasting based on a high‐performance 2D hydrodynamic model and numerical weather predictions. Water Resources Research, 56, e2019WR025583.
  • Xia, X., Liang, Q., & Ming, X. (2019) A full-scale fluvial flood modelling framework based on a high-performance integrated hydrodynamic modelling system (HiPIMS). Advances in Water Resources, 132, 103392.
  • Xu, W., Ming, X., Ma, Y., Zhang, X., Shi, P., Zhuo, L., et al. (2019) Quantitative Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Crop Loss in the Yangtze River Delta Region of China. Sustainability, 11(3), 922.
  • Xing, Y., Liang, Q., Wang, G., Ming, X., & Xia, X. (2019) City-scale hydrodynamic modelling of urban flash floods: the issues of scale and resolution. Natural Hazards, 96(1), 473–496.
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I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the School's programmes, including:


  • Sustainable Flood Management


  • Integrated Water Resources Management


I am a Research Associate working on two UKRI-funded projects, FUTURE-DRAINAGE and Living Deltas Hub.

I graduated from Newcastle University with a PhD degree in 2019. Before joining Loughborough, I was also working there as a Research Associate for two years. I received my BSc from Hubei University in 2011 and my MSc from Beijing Normal University in 2014.

My research background includes Geography, Natural Disasters, Multi-hazard Risk Analysis, and Hydrodynamic Modelling.