Research and expertise

My current research is about how to turn buildings into flexible consumers of energy so society could save costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

I have experience in energy modelling and simulation, prototyping machine learning and black-box modelling applications and designing and implementation of predictive control algorithms for HVAC systems. In addition, measurement and experimentation in the built environment and data analytics are very familiar to me. I am currently building my skills as an entrepreneur to make the impact our energy systems need.

Current research activity

2018-2021. Flexineering buildings: Design and Implementation of Control Strategies for Demand Response. Supervised by Dr. Bianca Howard and Dr. David Allinson. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) London- Loughborough (LoLo) Centre for Doctoral Research in Energy Demand (grant EP/L01517X/1)

Recently completed research projects

2017-2018: Modelling Contracted Flexibility in Electrically Heated Residences, Master of Research Project, funded by London-Loughborough (LoLo) Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Demand, EPSRC grant EP/H009612/1

Recent publications


Current project

  • Conception-X training programme for startups driven by early-career PhD researchers



I am interested in solving practical problems in the intersection of control, computer and energy engineering in the urban built environment. I am currently exploring how buildings and communities could be made into resources of energy flexibility for demand response. I am also looking into how to take my skills into practice as an entrepreneur.


During my bachelor and master’s studies at Aalto University I dug deep into energy systems and their modelling and simulation. My master thesis was about studying the potential of novel energy conservation methods in passenger ships. Before starting my research at Loughborough University, I worked in the wind power industry doing sales and market analysis.

Professional affiliations

  • CIBSE student member
  • ASHRAE student member


  • Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers 2018, EPSRC
  • Denny Medal 2018 for the most worthy paper published by IMarEst (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology)

External activities

  • 2018-2019 STEM Ambassador, running a code club in Loughborough Grammar School