School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


Mr Luigi Parente B.S., Earth Sciences, University of Sannio (Italy) M.S., Geological Sciences and Technology, University of Sannio (Italy)

Photo of Mr Luigi Parente

I hold a BSc in Earth Science (2012) and a MSc in Geological Sciences and Technologies (2014) from the University of Sannio (Italy). As part of my MSc degree I studied at both the University of Granada (Spain) and the University of Sussex (England) through the Erasmus exchange programme.

After graduation, I worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Venice (Italy) where I implemented a GIS-based approach to define and interpret shoreline change in the Venetian Lagoon and along the Veneto coastline (north-east Italy).

In 2016 I have been offered a School funded studentship for a three years full-time position on a PhD programme in Geomatics within the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering at Loughborough University (England).

Currently, I am a PhD candidate and I also covers the following roles:

  • Tutor of the course of Engineering Surveying in support of Dr. Rene Wackrow
  • Post-graduate research students rep (PGR rep) for the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering.
  • Member of the Hub Commitee for the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering.

Outline of main research interests:

I am a geoscientist with interest in slope instabilities and monitoring techniques (photogrammetry and remote sensing).

My current research is orientated at developing a low-cost system to monitor infrastructure and slope instabilities with automated near-real time processing and early warnings abilities. The potential of a system based on terrestrial DSLR cameras and SfM photogrammetry is being investigating through conducting a range of laboratory and field trials (inland and coastal unstable slopes). Outputs of the photogrammetric monitoring system are validated through comparison with terrestrial laser scanner and UAV photogrammetry. 

Recent findings were published here:

  • Prof. Jim Chandler
  • Prof. Neil Dixon
  • Photogrammetry
  • Laser Scanning
  • 3D modelling and analysis
  • Geomorphology
  • GIS
  • Matlab
  • Organizer of the Wavelength Conference 2019 to be held at Loughborough University.
  • Council member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc).
  • PhD postgraduate member of the British Society of Geomorphology (BSG)
  • Student member of ‘Coastal Studies’ - National Research Group for Coastal Environment (GNRAC).
  • Student member of the Italian Association of Engineering Geology and Environment (AIGA).