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Maxime Lohya MSc

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Research associate


I graduated from High School in Lyon, France in a school named “Aux Lazaristes” (2014) with the higher distinction. Following this I have been accepted at INSA Lyon (2014-today) to pursue my study in the sciences field where I have chosen to specialize myself in mechanical engineering and more precisely in Design and Studies. From There I had the opportunity to join the UNITECH program that permitted to me to do my last academic semester, to complete my master’s degree, here in Loughborough. 

During my studies in Lyon, I have done a labour internship during the summer of the year 2015 and also work as a personal teacher to help students from high or middle school in their endeavour to gather knowledge (2016-2018). Finally, I have also been part of the Junior

Enterprise of INSA as a consultant for one year (2017-2018)

The project I am currently working on has the aim to develop a device capable of seeing if any individual is carrying a concealed weapon. My research is focused around knife, as this is a rising problem within the UK.

Grants and contracts

  • February to July 2019: Detection of concealed weapon using Thermography, DSTL