Matthew Kerr

Mr Matthew Kerr


  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

My main area of interest is in optimising the utility of energy assets in a decentralised energy system. I am especially interested in how intelligent control strategies can be developed to maximise energy flexibility from buildings and utilise otherwise wasted energy.

Through the Energy Resilience and the Built Environment (ERBE) CDT programme I aim to explore modelling methods, control strategies and data analytics which will help energy system planners and users to make the most of the energy assets available to them. 

Current research activity 

  • Energy Resilience and the Built Environment – Assessing the Energy Flexibility Potential of UK Building Energy Systems


I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2016 with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics.

As part of my undergraduate degree, I worked on a project to select and assess a renewable heating opportunity in Scotland, for which our team developed a proposal to heat the NHS Golden Jubilee National Hospital using heat pumps in the River Clyde. The project was seriously considered by both the hospital and a local heat pump manufacturer as a viable opportunity to provide low-carbon heating. This experience of developing a holistic design for sustainable energy infrastructure ignited my interest in energy systems and the built environment.

After graduating I had a summer placement with STAR Renewable Energy developing tools to help potential customers see the benefits of installing heat pumps. Following this, I worked as a Programme Manager and Process Engineer in a manufacturing plant developing thermal batteries for emergency systems. This gave me a great deal of commercial awareness and hands-on engineering experience which I am now keen to apply in the energy system and built environment.

I joined the Energy Resilience in the Built Environment CDT in October 2020 to contribute to transforming the energy system and built environment for a more sustainable and resilient energy future for all.

Professional affiliations

  • Energy Institute Member

  • IMechE Memeber