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Dr Luciano Caruggi de Faria PhD in Architectural Science, B.Arch. and B.Ud.

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Luciano holds a PhD in Architectural Science from The Welsh School of Architecture- WSA at Cardiff University (Wales). He is also a qualified architect from the School of Architecture and Urban Design at São Paulo University- FAUUSP (Brazil) and affiliated at the Council of Architects and Urban Designers- CAU of Brazil. Prior to be appointed as research associate at Loughborough University, Luciano worked for several years with professional practice in architectural design of residential, corporative, institutional and mixed-use buildings, and urban masterplans throughout Brazil, and also with academic research on the field of the sustainable built environment.

Outline of main research interests:

His main research interests lay in the field of passive and low energy architecture with the focus on the environmental design of residential and non-residential buildings and on restorative urbanism. Luciano is particularly interested in the design of naturally ventilated and mixed-mode ventilated residential and non-residential buildings for tropical and subtropical climates.

Articles Published in Conference Proceedings and Academic Journals

DE FARIA, L. C.; Phil Jones; Don Alexander. Investigations about a Scale of Correlation for the Relationship between Urban

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Essays in Magazines

ROMERO, M. A.; DE FARIA, L. C.. Eficiência energética em escritórios para São Paulo (Protótipo 4). Revista Climatização, São Paulo, v. 16, p.32-39.

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Architectural publication

Birger, J.; Garcia, F.; DE FARIA, L. C., Vigneron, F.; e Júnior, W. Jonas Birger Arquitetura: Edifício Institucional IBMEC, São Paulo. Revista Finestra e Arcoweb, São Paulo, Outubro de 2004.

PhD Thesis

DE FARIA, L. C.2013. Airflow in the urban environment. An evaluation of the relationship between urban aspect ratios and patterns of airflow, wind velocity and direction in urban areas, and coefficient of pressure distribution on building envelopes. Thesis (PhD). WSA, Cardiff University. Cardiff.

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