Geoff Hodgson

Mr Geoff Hodgson


  • University Teacher (Part-time)

I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • Methods of Measurement
  • Civil Engineering Measurement
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Pre-Construction Estimating
  • Collaborative BIM Design Project

All publications


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Conference contributions - Refereed

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Conference contributions - Other

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Journal papers - Refereed

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Journal papers - Professional journals

Hodgson, G.J., ''The DTp Embraces Europe'', CQS (Chartered Quantity Surveyor), May, 1993, p 1.


Before coming to Loughborough University to teach I spent 20yrs as Civil Engineering and Surveyor working on major civil engineering contracts in the UK and from 1978 to 1989 working overseas in Pakistan, Caribbean, West Africa and Oman on major construction contracts. Whilst at Loughborough I have been active in developing web-based learning solutions for academia and industry. Since 2015 I have been promoting digital construction through the use of drones for digital imagery and three-dimensional modelling.

Professional affiliations

  • RICS
  • CInstCES
  • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)