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Dr Farid Fouchal PhD in computer Science and Engineering

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Senior Researcher in ICT and Physics for Construction

Dr Farid Fouchal is a Senior Research Associate in Digital Construction and ICT for Energy Efficiency CBE. Coming with an MSc in physics and with his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, together his research experience which includes post-doctoral work he bought a new perspective to ways into how successful technologies in other sectors could benefit construction industry. Farid worked in six research projects, four of which are European under the FP6 and FP7 frameworks involving advanced manufacturing technologies, application of ICT in particular for the built environment. He does also apply his knowledge and skills of business administration and management acquired during his long experience and from an on-going part time studies for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). In short his areas of expertise includes advanced/digital manufacturing technologies, computer aided design, simulation, embedded sensors and actuators, smart home technologies, advanced construction information technology and ICT for energy efficiency. Dr Fouchal has over 20 publications and has supervised many students including co-supervision of two PhD students. Farid has recently engaged into applying his expertise to a new area of research that is smart energy, smart homes and smart cities technologies.

Broad interests and expertise

Information and communication Technologies for Energy Efficiency Construction management  Advanced manufacturing technologies / Digital construction  Embedded sensors and actuators for monitoring and operation control  Smart Technologies – “Smart homes, Smart Cities, Smart appliances and Responsive building envelops”  Non-destructive testing techniques  Computer Aided Engineering, Mathematics and Physics for engineering problem solving. 

Professional affiliations

  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute

Research interests 


  • Building Energy Simulation
  • Smart Home / Smart Cities Technologies
  • ICT for Energy Efficiency
  • Building Physics

Research project

  • Senioir Research Associate  and  Project Manager


Co-investigator and project manager on the D4E  project. Co-investigator on the REFIT project. Which are ambitious, highly interdisciplinary research projects for effective design of buildings within a neighbourhood with energy efficiency specificities. REFT's project long-term aim is creating a step-change in uptake rates of retrofit technology measures in UK homes. The need for retrofitting of the existing housing stock is well-defined and urgent, with positive implications for energy demand reduction, climate change mitigation, fuel poverty, thermal comfort in homes, national energy security and Smart Grid development.

Previous research projects

  • From 01/05/2012 to present - Researcher at Loughborough University, UK.REFIT project: Personalised Retrofit Decision Support Tools for UK Homes Using Smart Home Technology.
  • From 04/2010 to 04/2012 at Researcher - Loughborough University, UK.  
  • From 01/05/2010 to 01/05/2012 Employed on REViSITE (Roadmap Enabling Vision and Strategy for ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency) project which coordinates cooperation and communication within the multidisciplinary 'ICT for energy-efficiency' (ICT4EE) research community in Europe. The focus is on four industrial disciplines: manufacturing, construction, lighting and grids. My role is contribution to the coordination action and partly responsible for putting together elements of the roadmap (authoring a number of deliverables). 
  • From 03/2007 to 09/2010 - Research and Teaching at Loughborough University, UK.Under an integrated EU (FP7) project I3CON, I have successfully developed a future generation building services distribution system, which is a multi-services integrated trunking to reduce space occupation, energy losses and installation cost and time. It is also fitted with embedded sensors for monitoring, low energy consumption and reduced utilities usage.  
  • From 09/2001 to 03/2007 - Research and Teaching at Loughborough University, UK.Investigated and successfully developed new Rapid Manufacturing processes under many projects such as: “Rapid Manufacturing Feasibility study” funded by EPSRC; “Adaptive Screen Printing” funded by EPSRC, of the concept is patented; “High Viscosity Jetting” funded by EU-FP6 “Custom Fit” project; “Jetting on High Speed Moving Substrate”, with TNO, Netherland sponsored by EU-FP6.  
  • From 08/2000 to 08/2001 - Research Fellow & PhD student at De Montfort University, UK.Research investigation for the development of Rapid Manufacturing processes inspired from 2D printing technologies - EPSRC funded project. Meanwhile I have successfully completed my studies.  
  • Between 09/1988 and 06/200 - PhD Research Student at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.I have developed an intelligent processing methodology for composites using embedded optical fibre sensors based on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy analysis and mathematical modelling.    


Conducted expert reviews for: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B,  Journal of Engineering Manufacture and for the Journal of Design and Engineering Technology.