Dr Christine Cole

MSc BSc EngD

  • Research Associate

Research and expertise

Current research project 

Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector (C-SERVEES) 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. C-SERVEES aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector through the development, testing, validation and transfer of new circular economic business models (CEBMs) based on systemic eco-innovative services that include: eco-leasing of EEE, product customization, improved waste management, and ICT services to support the other eco-services. The techno-economic, environmental and social viability of the new CEBMs will be validated through demonstrations dealing with four target products belonging to different EEE categories: large household appliances, IT equipment, telecommunications equipment, and consumer equipment.

Previous research projects

Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP) 

One of the End Use Energy Demand (EUED) research centres funded through an EPSRC grant. Working closely with government and industry, the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products conducts cross-disciplinary research to identify all the opportunities along the product supply chain that ultimately deliver a reduction in industrial energy use.

Existing international decarbonisation policies are not sufficient to meet internationally agreed climate objective of limiting temperature rise to two degrees. Materials act as a carrier of industrial energy that allows, through the trade of products, the transfer of embodied emissions between sectors and countries. Studies have shown there has been an increase in emissions transfers via trade, which is left largely unaddressed by climate mitigation policies. Industrialised countries have managed to stabilise their production emissions, partially from increasing imports from developing countries. However, the use of materials and products has been completely overshadowed by policies focusing on deploying a low carbon energy supply. While these policies are important, resource consumption can also support climate change mitigation and presents an additional opportunity to address emissions resulting from trade as well as domestic emissions. At CIE-MAP we investigate how a greater integration of resource efficiency, in terms of industrial energy, material and products can contribute substantially to abating emissions.

Recent publications

Cole, C., Gnanapragasam, A., Cooper, T. and Singh, J (2019). An assessment of achievements of the WEEE Directive in promoting movement up the waste hierarchy: experiences in the UK. Waste Management87, pp. 417-427.

Cole, C., Gnanapragasam, A., Singh, J., Cooper, T. (2018) Enhancing Reuse and Resource Recovery of Electrical and Electronic Equipment with Reverse Logistics to Meet Carbon Reduction Targets. Procedia CIRP 69, pp. 980-985 

Gnanapragasam, A., Cole, C., Singh, J., Cooper, T.  (2018) Consumer Perspectives on longevity and Reliability: A National Study of Purchasing Factors Across Eighteen Product Categories. Procedia CIRP 69, pp. 910-915  

Cole, C., Gnanapragasam, A., Cooper, T.   (2017) Towards a Circular Economy: Exploring Routes to Reuse for Discarded Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Procedia CIRP 61, pp. 155-160 

Selected publications

C Cole, M Osmani, M Quddus, A Wheatley, K Kay (2014) Towards a zero waste strategy for an English local authority. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 89, 64-75.

C Cole, M Quddus, A Wheatley, M Osmani, K Kay (2014) The impact of Local Authorities’ interventions on household waste collection: A case study approach using time series modelling Waste management 34 (2), 266-272

ID Williams, C Cole (2013) The impact of alternate weekly collections on waste arisings. Science of the Total Environment 445, 29-40


EngD - Loughborough University. Thesis title – Developing sustainable household waste management - a Local Authority approach to zero waste


External Collaborators

The Restart Project, London

External roles 

  • Chair of Waste Prevention Special Interest Group (a Chartered Institution of Wastes Management Group)
  • Member of Midlands Centre Council, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
  • Trustee, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management


I am a Chartered Waste Manager who has extensive experience of working in local authority waste management services. I completed an EngD at Loughborough in 2014 sponsored by Charnwood Borough Council and Serco, their waste collection contractor. The research explored sustainable treatment options for household waste and recycling in Charnwood Borough and resulted in the adoption of Charnwood’s Zero Waste Strategy and the implementation of a number of changes to the household waste collection services to bring about efficiencies and increase the effectiveness of the service.

Most recently, I have worked in the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP), based at Nottingham Trent University researching extending the lifetime of products by enabling repair and reuse, particularly of electrical and electronic equipment. At Loughborough I am part of the Horizon 2020 Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector (C-SERVEES). This four-year multi-partner project aims to demonstrate and implement circular business models with four target products.

Grants and contracts

  • 2017 / 2018 – The Restart Project – Exploring aspects of community repair initiatives: enabling repair as part of the movement towards a circular economy