Alessandro Palmeri

Dr Alessandro Palmeri

Dott Ing (Civil Eng) PhD (Structures) PGC (HE Practice)

  • Reader in Structural Engineering and Dynamics
  • Structures and Materials Group Leader

Research and expertise

Alessandro is currently supervising three PhD students and three EngD students, on different topics of Structural Engineering:

  • Eleonora Petrella (PhD candidate)  
    • Research Project: Computational models for the propagation of elastic waves in deterministic and random heterogeneous materials
    • Co-supervisor: Dr Mariateresa Lombardo
  • Domenico Cecini (EngD candidate)
    • Research Project: A novel precast structural system for modular housing
    • Funding: EPSRC & SolidSpace (£116,409)
    • PI: Prof Simon Austin
  • David McCarthy (PhD candidate)
    • Research Project: Novel image processing approaches for monitoring structural tests using static and dynamic techniques
    • Co-supervisor: Prof Jim Chandler
  • Paul Dallyn (EngD candidate)  
    • Research Project: Civil engineering developments within the renewable energy sector
    • Funding: EPSRC & E.On (£98,264)
    • PI: Dr Ashraf El-Hamalawi
  • Marco Donà (PhD candidate)  
    • Research Project: Multi-cracked beams with local and non-local elasticity
    • Co-supervisor: Dr Mariat

  • Gary Robinson (EngD candidate)
    • Research Project: New developments within the precast concrete industry
    • Funding: EPSCR & Hanson Structherm (£108,360)
    • PI: Prof Simon Austin





Born in Messina (Italy) on February 1975, Dr Alessandro Palmeri has received his PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Catania (Italy) on May 2003, defending a thesis on Random Vibration. After a four-month research scholarship at the Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria (Italy), he has been Research Fellow at the University of Messina from September 2003 to September 2007 and Adjunct Lecturer in the same institution for the academic year 2006-07. In October 2007 he joined the University of Bradford as Lecturer in Civil Engineering. 

In January 2010 Alessandro has been appointed as Lecturer in Structural Engineering at Loughborough University, and has received the promotion to Senior Lecturer (equivalent to Associate Professor) in February 2012. Author and co-author of more than seventy publications on monographic books, peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, he has also been visiting PhD student at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and at the University of California at Berkeley, and visiting Research Fellow at the University of Patras (Greece).

Since 1999, Alessandro is registered as Civil Engineer in Messina. Since 2001, he participates in various national and international research projects, especially in the fields of Earthquake Engineering and Wind Engineering. Since 2004, he serves as member of editorial boards in national and international conferences, and serves also as regular reviewer for leading scientific journals. In 2005 he has received the Young Researcher Fellowship Award for Exemplary Research in Computational Mechanics in occasion of the 3rd MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics.

Broad interests and expertise

Structural Dynamics (Bridge Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Wind Engineering) 

Probabilistic Mechanics (Random Vibration, Stochastic Finite Element Method)

Professional affiliations

  • Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Messina (Italy), CEng-Equivalent