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WEDC - Water, Engineering and Development Centre

WEDC is of the world's leading education and research institutes for developing knowledge and capacity in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for low and middle-income countries.

Our research covers water supply, waste management, and sanitation. We have strategically responded to international development goals to increase water and sanitation provision and this continues to be a key part of our work.

Our strengths include developing biofuels from waste, improving the life cycle sustainability of biodiesel, gaining a better understanding of the impact of hazardous residues in waste water, and promoting recycling and the re-use of materials.

Water research is concerned with:

  • Reducing water losses
  • Improving sanitation
  • Undoing inequality and delivering water for all
  • Rural water supplies
  • Improving water supplies
  • Combating corruption

Waste management research investigates:

  • Energy from food waste
  • Uses for carbon dioxide emitted from wastewater treatment
  • Biofuels from waste
  • Sustainability
  • Optimisation of wastewater treatment

We have wide ranging experience with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary approaches and the key elements of sustainability including: functionality, institutional, financial, environmental and equity aspects. We work with many development sector partners around the world to enhance our collective impact and our research is developing the underlying analysis of evidence to influence policy and practice.

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Case studies

Improving access to water in developing countries

Research conducted by WEDC experts resulted in safe water supplies for over a million people.

Improving access to water in developing countries

Innovation in food waste processing

Discover how we helped Unilver treat beverage waste to produce biogas and reduce water treatment costs.

Innovation in food waste processing

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