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Projects and Organisation

Our research supports the delivery of sustainable, high value projects, via a healthy, knowledge-based workforce and responds to concerns over industry competitiveness and performance.

We continue to reach beyond the improvement of built assets to address the performance and wellbeing of people that work in the sector. 

Research themes

Occupational health and safety

We are developing new understandings of how to manage safety and health in construction, supported by funding from the Health and Safety Executive, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Construction Skills, Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health:

  • Improving OH risk management in SMEs: the role of major projects
  • Working Late: Strategies to Enhance Productive and Healthy Environments for the Older Workforce
  • Health and Safety in the Construction Industry - Underlying Causes of Construction Fatalities
  • Major Construction Hazards
  • Prevention through Design Focus Groups
  • Evaluation of the Duty to Manage Asbestos
  • Evaluation of Olympic Park Safety and Communications Initiatives
  • Handbook to Site Health
  • Management of Occupational Safety & Health in networked systems of production or service delivery
  • Building Healthy Construction Workers by Better Workplace Design
  • The Use of Innovative Equipment and Techniques to Improve Construction Safety on the Birmingham New Street Station Refurbishment
  • SME & Micro organisations' engagement with occupational safety & health

A further strand of research is on vulnerable constituencies such as ageing and migrant workers:

  • Communication Skills of Non/Low English Speaking Construction Workers
  • Understanding the Older Construction Worker
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Issues relating to Migrant Workers
  • Health considerations of older construction site workersons of older construction site

Performance-based buildings and infrastructure

We are developing new processes and systems for delivering performance-based buildings and infrastructure. For example, demands for alternative models of healthcare facilities procurement have been addressed through our contributions to the HaCIRIC research centre, including components on:

  • Sustainable Healthcare Facilities
  • Lighting and Space
  • Built Healing Environments
  • Value for Money
  • BHE Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure
  • A Built Environment Design Evidence Base to Continuously Improve the Delivery of Patient Safety
  • Optimising healthcare infrastructure value through enterprise and knowledge transfer activities

Case study

A safer construction industry

ConCA accident causality framework has far-reaching impacts on construction health and safety.

A safer construction industry

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