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23 Jul 2021

New study finds that over 4.6 million English homes experience summertime overheating


As the UK bakes in a record-breaking heatwave, academics at Loughborough University have shared the results of the largest and most comprehensive study to date looking at overheating in English homes.

Weighting the results to the national housing stock, the study revealed that 4.6million English bedrooms (19% of the stock) and 3.6million living rooms (15%) overheated.

Speaking about the study, research lead Professor Kevin Lomas from Loughborough’s School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, said: “With global temperatures likely to be 1.5 ◦C above pre-industrial levels by 2052, the threats posed by climate change are of worldwide concern. Heatwaves will increase in frequency, intensity, and duration, and so will the health risks associated with them.

“With the majority of fatal heat exposures in developed nations occurring indoors, the findings of our study show just how many homes in England are at risk of overheating. With the most vulnerable members of our society – the elderly, the very young, those living in deprived areas, and those with chronic physical and/or mental health conditions – being most at risk, action needs to be taken now to mitigate the dangers increased temperatures will bring.”

The research paper ‘Dwelling and household characteristics’ influence on reported and measured summertime overheating: A glimpse of a mild climate in the 2050’s’ is published in the international journal Building and Environment.

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