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29 Nov 2021

Architecture undergraduate student awarded the 2021/22 LU Arts Music (Piano) Scholarship

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Architecture undergraduate student Charlie has been playing the piano since he was seven and is excited to get back to piano tuition with the help of the LU Arts Music (Piano) Scholarship, after an inevitable break during COVID.

Music has always been an integral part of his life and he believes that the communal experience of rehearsing and performing in countless orchestras, bands and ensembles has been key to his musical development and enjoyment. Over the years, Charlie has enjoyed providing piano accompaniment for local choirs, as well as playing the violin or clarinet in many bands and orchestras, such as the North Wales Youth Orchestra.

Charlie has developed his technical ability on these instruments by working through the ABRSM graded exams, most recently completing his grade 7 on the clarinet. He has achieved distinction at grade 7 piano and hopes to complete his grade 8 this academic year, with the support of the LU Arts Scholarship.

Charlie has also taken time to arrange and compose his own music. He especially enjoys writing expressive ‘programme music’, and has had a composition shortlisted in the BBC Young Composers Competition.

Since joining Loughborough University, Charlie has been rehearsing with the Tuxedo Swing band and LSU Classical orchestra and is looking forward to taking part in concerts and recitals in the near future.

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