Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Undergraduate study

“No other university seemed to offer as much as Loughborough did.”


Year of Study: 5th
Qualification(s): MEng (Hons)
Course: Automotive Engineering

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Loughborough University has so much to offer. It is one of the top universities for engineering, has superb facilities, a fantastic employment rate, amazing sport teams and societies and has been voted England’s Best Student Experience.

What attracted you to the University in the first place?

The department has strong connections within the industry, greatly aiding graduate employment and reassuring students that they are acquiring industry relative understanding and skills.

I wanted to choose a Mechanical Engineering degree that I had a passion for, which lead me to Automotive Engineering. The course has allowed me study things that I am really interested in, whilst also contributing to a degree. No other university seemed to offer as much as Loughborough did.

Do you have a favourite project/module on your course?

Automotive students get to go to MIRA for a week during the third year of study. This is vehicle testing ground and was very beneficial as I was able to practice my engineering skills in a professional environment whilst further developing my knowledge.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

Loughborough has a high level of teaching and a vast amount of resources.

Have you had any support from the University?

The department has strong connections within the industry, which helps massively when trying to securing a job or placement.

Have you completed a placement whilst at university?

I decided to complete a placement year so that I could gain valuable professional skills and become more desirable to employers after graduation. I acquired a job working for Vauxhall as a Project Engineer in their Press Shop. The experience was invaluable and I think my grades speak for themselves – before my placement I was averaging a 2:1 and now I’m averaging a 1st. The placement has made me more focused and professional.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I don’t have a definitive direction but I believe that is a good thing. I can do so much with my degree and that’s why I chose to do it – there are so many opportunities within the engineering sector and I want to discover which area I like the most. Best of all, I’ve encountered employers from non-engineering sectors who are eager to employ engineering students for their mathematical skills and strong work ethic, which is really positive.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

I highly recommend the course. Once you graduate, your career prospects are endless.

How do you find the social atmosphere on campus?

Loughborough University has the best atmosphere and plenty of activities. There is a close-knit campus community with endless opportunities and activities that you can participate in.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Loughborough University student?

You are surrounded by out-going, athletic, determined and like-minded people.

Has Loughborough inspired you?

Loughborough University has made me believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. During my time here I have been on a placement at Vauxhall, set up my own business, participated in many sports teams, joined societies, learnt far more than I could imagine and made friends for life.