Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Professor Rob Thring BSc, PhD

Photo of Professor Rob Thring

Professor of Fuel Cell Engineering


  • Ricardo Consulting Engineers, Sussex, England. 1974 - 1982.
  • Southwest Research Institute - San Antonio Texas. 1982-1997.
  • Ricardo Consulting Engineers, Sussex, England. 1997 - 2002.
  • Loughborough University, England. 2002 - present

Key awards and Accomplishments

  • Established and managed the Ultra-Low Emissions Engine (ULEE) Program. This program was a four year, multi-client (15 clients) co-operative research program aimed at helping to develop the technology needed for the passenger car manufacturers to meet the California ULEV exhaust emission standards.
  • ETCS, Engine Technology Consulting Service. Started and built to 30 clients worldwide
  • 6 Patents
  • HCCI or Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition combustion for piston engines
  • VCOT, Vehicle Calibration on the Testbed. Transfer a significant proportion of the calibration process currently conducted on the vehicle to the testbed
  • Modeling of a fuel cell powered passenger car with a methanol reformer
  • Engine/Transmission matching. Aimed at improving the match between the engine and the transmission to improve the fuel economy
  • Chairman of the SwRI Advisory Committee for Research. This committee controls the SwRI Internal Research Program

Outline of main research interests

  • Application of Fuel Cells to transportation
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles
  • National Energy Security
  • Holistic Energy Usage

Research groups

  • Hybrid vehicles and advanced propulsion

External roles and appointments

  • Member of Editorial Board for IMechE Proceedings Part D “Journal of Automobile Engineering”.
  • Deputy Chair of DTI Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership R&D group
  • Chair of sub committee of LowCVP for the National Centre of Excellence in Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology (now called Cenex). Cenex is now up and running in Loughborough
  • Member of the Low CVP Innovation working group
  • Member of Foresight Vehicle External Advisory Panel
  • Member UK Fuel Cell Forum
  • Consultant to Alan Duncan, shadow minister for Trade and Industry, and at his invitation submitted five pages for his parallel energy review for the UK (2006).
  • Member of the IMechE Marketing and Communications Board.
  • EPSRC college member
  • Member DTI Technology Programme Assessment Panel
  • DTI/SMMT expert panel member in 2004 that produced the ‘Foresight Vehicle Technology Roadmap’ ISBN: 0-900685-51-4 © Crown Copyright 2004.