Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Dr Nicola Hughes PhD

Photo of Dr Nicola Hughes

Research Associate


  • Research Associate in Applied Aerodynamics.


Outline of main research interests 

Implementation of a sub grid scale thermodynamic model to account for the effects of small scale features such as pedestals and effusion cooling holes without resolving them in the computational mesh.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Computational modelling of aerodynamics of gas turbine combustion systems.

Research group:

  • Applied Aerodynamics

Selected research projects

Computational and experimental modelling of a highly swirling flow (PhD thesis).  Computational modelling of the flow downstream of a three stream swirler, representative of those used in the fuel injection system of a gas turbine engine.  The flow was modelled in a steady state mode, using both k-epsilon and Reynolds stress turbulence models.  A physical model was manufactured from perspex and the exact flow was measured using a three dimensional LDA (Laser Doppler anemometry) system.