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Dr Maria Sarmiento-Carnevali

Photo of Dr Maria Sarmiento-Carnevali

Research Associate in Battery Systems and Thermal Modelling for Electric Vehicles


Maria received her degree in Systems Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) from Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela in 2008. Followed by her MSc in 2011 and PhD in 2017 (Cum Laude) from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, focused on modelling, simulation and control of PEM fuel cells. Maria combined postgraduate studies with industry work at the British company Intelligent Energy Limited as Research and Development Engineer. Currently, Maria is part of the team of research associates and academics undertaking Loughborough University’s participation within the ViVID project, a joint work with Ford, McLaren Advanced Technologies and IPG Automotive. The ViVID project is co-funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre, United Kingdom (APC). Maria conducts research in the modelling and experimental evaluation of batteries with application to fully electric and hybrid vehicles, including degradation modelling, lifetime testing, thermal management and electrochemical analysis.


  • Systems Engineer (Summa Cum Laude) - Universidad de Los Andes, 2008
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Modelling, Simulation and Control Engineering – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2011)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Modelling, Simulation and Control Engineering (Cum Laude) - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2017)

Key awards

2017: Santander Research Award for research mobility.  Loughborough University

2017: Awarded CUM LAUDE Academic Honour (PhD).  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Catalunya, Spain. 

2008: Awarded SUMMA CUM LAUDE Academic Honour (BEng).  Universidad de Los Andes - Faculty of Engineering. 

2004-2007: Universidad de Los Andes. Award: “Award Luis María Ribas Dávila” for obtaining the Best Academic Performance of the Systems Engineering School – Faculty of Engineering during the years 2004 through 2007.


Maria’s key research interests are advanced modelling and simulation techniques, as well as intelligent control engineering strategies, with focus on low carbon energy systems: 

Dynamic modelling, simulation and testing / Software:

-       First principles modelling of electrochemical systems (performance and degradation)

-       Dynamic electro-thermal models of Fuel Cells and Batteries – MATLAB/Simulink

-       CFD models of Fuel Cells and Batteries – COMSOL, Star-CCM+ / Battery Design Studio

-       Intelligent data-driven approaches / Empirical approaches – C, C++

-       Virtual driving environments – Carmaker, Vector

-       Multi-body simulation – Simulia/SIMPACK-Abaqus

-       Hardware-in-the-loop approaches – LabVIEW / VeriStand / Carmaker

Control Engineering of low carbon energy sources:

-       Energy Management Strategies / Powertrain Control

-       Optimal adaptive control techniques

-       State-of-health oriented control strategies

Grants and contracts

  • [PI] Awarded a Santander Mobility Grant to establish a collaboration with Universidade de Lisboa on Intelligent data modelling and optimisation applied to railway track switching approaches in the area of condition monitoring. Start date 31/10/2018 – End date 30/10/2018.
  • [Researcher] National Spanish Project: Development of control systems to improve efficiency and durability of PEMFC based systems (MESPEM-DPI2011-25649. Start date 01/01/2012 – End date 30/06/2015.
  • [Researcher] European project: PUMA-MIND (FP7-FCH-JU-2011-1-303419). Start date 17/12/2012 – End date 17/12/2015.
  • [Research-contract-award] Spanish Ministry of Education (funding for PhD studies and academic research visits) – Start date 31/10/2011 – End date 30/10/2013.
  • [Scholarship] Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) (funding for a Master’s Degree) – 2-year scholarship. Start date 31/10/2009 – End date 30/10/2011. 
  • Y Bezin, M.L. Sarmiento-Carnevali, M. Sichani, S. Neves, D. Kostovasilis, S. Bemment, T. Harrison, C. Ward, R. Dixon, Dynamic analysis and performance of a Repoint track switch, Journal of Vehicle System Dynamics (2019) DOI: 10.1080/00423114.2019.1612925 
  • *M.L. Sarmiento-Carnevali, M. Serra, C. Batlle, Decentralised distributed parameter model predictive control of water activity for performance and durability enhancement of a PEM fuel cell, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42, 26389-26407 (2017).
  • *M.L. Sarmiento-Carnevali, M. Serra, C. Batlle, Distributed parameter model-based control of water activity and concentration of reactants in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39, 4044-4052 (2014).
  • Intelligent Energy Limited (UK)
  • Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Iberdrola (Spain)
  • Ford (UK, US)
  • IPG Automotive (UK, Germany)
  • McLaren Advanced technologies (UK)