Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Reliability modelling projects

Project 2 - Enhanced Reliability Modelling for Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have been identified as a potential driver to improve the system efficiency and lower labour cost in a variety of modern industries. However, the safety and efficiency of the whole AGV system is highly dependent on the reliability and availability of individual AGVs. To improve the efficiency, availability and productivity of the AGV system, my research is concerned with the analysis and optimisation of the AGV system by the approach of modelling and optimisation. The systems being considered consist of either one or multiple AGVs. Different analytical and theoretical techniques, including FMECA, fault tree analysis, and Petri net modelling methods, are employed to identify the vulnerable key components and work stages that are prone to fail. Following investigating the influences of layout configuration, routing and maintenance strategy on the system availability, operation cost and efficiency, the multi-AGV system is optimised. Currently, the optimisation of layout configuration, location of maintenance site, and vehicle maintenance strategies in a multi-AGV system is being implemented using genetic algorithm.