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1 Jun 2018

New Formula Student Car to be Launched

FS 2019 x 670

The Loughborough Formula Student 2018 car will be launched on the 4th of July, at 13:00 in Stewart Miller Building Penrose Atrium at Loughborough University.  If you would like to learn more about Formula Student and LFS18, please feel free to come along and listen to our short presentations, followed by a chance to meet the Team.

Following on from our launch event, LFS18 will be showcased on the world’s stage at the following events:

Formula Student UK  (12th - 15th July) Formula Student Hungary  (19th - 22nd July) Formula Student Czech  (1st - 4th August)

FS car 2017 x 300

Formula Student Overview

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is provided as an extra-curricular activity at Loughborough University. The Team consists of students from across our Campus and from any given subject area. The project is linked with some academic projects, however the fundamental design and manufacturing, is carried out on a purely voluntary basis.

How do students benefit?

Through Formula Student, Loughborough Students are able to apply their attained skillset, in a real life engineering and business scenario. Dependant on the area in which an individual wishes to excel, they are able to join a relevant design group, or business area, which fosters their individual needs. In order to carry out these roles effectively, it is essential to develop good teamwork, communication and presentation skills. The overall outcome of this work is that our graduates leave University, as a qualified and well-rounded Engineer, possessing all the skills required to position themselves into our demanding Industry.

What happens at Formula Student events?

The Formula Student events across the world are an excellent showcase for the future of Engineering and a fantastic opportunity to see some outstanding Motorsport. Many of our Industrial Partners have a close working relationship with Formula Student events and see this as an excellent opportunity to talk to prospective employees and gain exposure for opportunities available within their organisation.

FS green x 300

2016/17 summary

In 2017, Loughborough University’s Formula Student car competed in three events. Throughout these competitions, our car performed well and finished 12th in the UK, 24th in Germany and 24th in Czech Republic. This vehicle incorporated numerous academic projects and supported the development of students across three University Departments.


Research design and manufacturing

Through comprehensive analysis of the 2017 car, the following areas were chosen as systems, which would benefit from further research and design.

         Downforce and drag,

         Engine Mapping/Design in order to optimise low down torque

         Reduction of un-sprung mass

         Design for manufacture

LFS18 (Loughborough Formula Student 2018)

As of writing, the Team are in the final stages of chassis preparation. Over the coming weeks, assembly of the various systems will begin to take place, with initial testing in June. You can follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering would like to take this opportunity to wish the Team all the very best for this coming season and we wlook forward to hearing about their successes!

Photographs: Top - The Formula Student Team.  Middle - A racing shot from 2017.  Bottom - the 2017 Formula Student Car