Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Graduation - Class of 2015

On 14th July 2016 the Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering classes of 2015 graduated. Speeches followed and prizes were presented as a part of the day, for both students and staff.

The BAE Systems Prize for Aerospace Engineering - Adam Pykett

The Royal Aeronautical Society Prize and Placement Awards - Laura Webber

Placement Awards - Ryan Edwards

The Churchill Prize - Michael Curtis

The Ford Final Year Automotive Engineering Prize and The Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize - George Grant

The Jonathan Young Memorial Prize - Stephen Bigg

The Programme Director Award - J A Marttila

The Programme Director Award - Luke Radage

The Staff Teaching Awards rounded off the celebrations:

Part A - Chris Harvey (absent)

Part B - Dr Daniel O'Boy

Part C - Dr Jane Horner

Part D - Dr Thomas Steffen