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The world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines, Caterpillar works at the forefront of new technology in order to meet its sustainability goals.

For over twenty years, Loughborough research teams have explored pioneering technologies to improve engine and machine performance, delivering exhaust emission reductions and ever more fuel-efficient operation.

The University has recently formalised its long-standing relationship through the creation of the Caterpillar Innovation and Research Centre, the first such agreement in Europe. The Innovation and Research Centre will expand the joint working relationship between Caterpillar and the University, bringing benefits to both organisations.

The aim of the Centre is to facilitate further innovation and technology transfer and to provide Caterpillar with access to Loughborough’s world class researchers and facilities.

Read about the launch of the Centre in 2009.

Examples of the Centre's projects include

Modelling methods for low emission diesel performance

This project consists of an investigation into the use of modelling methods to support the development of closed loop controls for the engine fuel path. In recent work, the team has been looking into control of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption through real time control of injection parameters. Current work is being directed towards the control of fuel path using combustion parameters.

A New Approach to Particulate Filter Regeneration

This project involves an investigation into a radically new approach to cleaning the internal surfaces of diesel particulate filters using pulsed electrical discharge phenomena to manage an energy efficient re-generation.

Energy Recovery Methods

The work making up this project consists of both a review of methods currently under investigation, and a detailed exploration of thermo-electric methods under EPSRC funding.

The investigation of thermo-electric methods is being done jointly with teams from both Heriot-Watt and Cardiff Universities. The experimental work will be based on the idea of component in the loop, a method for testing a novel concept based on a hybrid of representative hardware and real time models.

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