Student Experience Team

Terms of Reference

To provide an effective delivery and enhancement mechanism to improve the student experience.

  1. To co-ordinate the delivery and development of activities which contribute to all aspects of the student experience across all sites (excluding learning and teaching and sport);
  2. To support the Sports Committee in taking forward the agenda for increasing student participation and improving student experience in sport;
  3. To monitor and further develop mechanisms for collecting feedback and data on the student experience and student engagement, ensuring these are fit for purpose;
  4. To consider analyses of student and staff views and recommend appropriate action;
  5. To consider issues raised by the Students' Union and student service/support areas relating to the student experience and recommend appropriate action;
  6. To keep under review the main activities relating to student services to ensure both quality and comprehensiveness are maintained;
  7. To advise Learning and Teaching Committee, and other relevant Committees, on all matters relating to the student experience, making recommendations on matters of strategy or policy for approval by the Committee;
  8. To consider an annual report at the last meeting of the academic session, produced with input from all the represented services at the Student Experience Team, of work undertaken relating to the student experience, and to refer this on to the Learning and Teaching Committee.
  9. To keep under review the management of the University's residential accommodation and the facilities provided, including the catering facilities, and to advise Learning and Teaching Committee and other relevant committees on policies related to the provision and development of such facilities within the context of the University's Strategic Plan.
  10. To advise Learning and Teaching Committee on all matters pertaining to the well-being of users of the University's accommodation.
  11. To keep under review the services provided by the Wardens, including the Community Wardens, and to ensure that appropriate performance standards are set and met.