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Minutes of the meeting held on 20th May 2014


Members in attendance:

Manuel Alonso (Chair), Dawn Cooper, Liz Chahal,  Dan Doran, Debbie Grant, Josh Hurrell, Jennifer Nutkins, Helen Smith, Jill Thurman, Emma Walton, Clive Woodhouse

1 Apologies received from:

Dawn Cooper

2 Previous Minutes


The minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014 were approved.

3 Matters arising from the Minutes

3.1 Student Support Centre Annual Report

It was reported that student lettings were to be exempt from reporting requirements in the immigration review and it was therefore not necessary for further action in this area.          

3.2 University Strategy

The chair updated members that discussions would need to be held with Marketing and Communications and the Students’ Union in relation to progressing visual resources in relation to key messages on student experience for staff induction purposes.

It was noted that a recent exploratory session to introduce the Careers and Employability Service to staff had been successful with places being filled within a few days of advertising and a waiting list in operation.

3.3 Counselling and Disability Service Annual Report

The Acting Head reported that the Counselling Service considered there to be two recurrent main themes of the work they undertook with students. These were:

1)     Overseas students in general

2)     Alcohol culture

In relation to overseas students it was noted that issues included integration with UK students and in terms of support services students being aware of and feeling able to access these. It was agreed that it would be good to capture this within the 2015/16 implementation plan.

ACTION: Secretary to include in next implementation plan.

There was discussion as to whether it would be useful to have a group looking at integration issues, possibly as a sub-group of the Team. Members were supportive of this.

3.4 Academic Skills review update

It was noted that the chair had highlighted the review to the COO.

It was noted that a list of activity would be brought to the next meeting of SET. This information was being pulled together to reflect the work in other services across campus (outside the library and CEC) and to include planned work for next academic year

 It was noted that there was some overlap with the graduate attributes project and that some alignment would be needed.

3.5 Promotional materials for students

It was reported that IT Services had been in contact with Campus Living and whilst it was not possible to include a network cable and networking information in the welcome box in student’s rooms (due to box size), these could be made available from receptions.

It was noted that student induction had recently been discussed at the Quality Enhancement and Assurance Sub- Committee and a review of previous work undertaken by the Teaching Centre was to be led by Dr Carol Robinson. It was agreed that the Team should be kept up-to-date with this.

ACTION: Chair to discuss with Carol Robinson.

4 Matters for Discussion

4.1 Updates from the Chair

i) Alcohol Culture Awareness Group

The chair reported that the second meeting of the Group had taken place at the end of April and had considered a draft policy containing key commitments to be jointly authored by the University and the Students’ Union. Revisions were being made prior to consideration by relevant groups and committees and senior managers. Whilst the policy contained a framework it was acknowledged that groups would be needed to look at taking forward key actions.

It was noted that Loughborough was taking part in a NUS pilot for introducing a kitemark on safe and responsible drinking environments. The Chair reported that he had secured a place on the advisory group for this.

ACTION: Chair to circulate minutes from the previous meeting of the Group

ii) Student Behaviour Group

It was reported that the Deputy COO had set up a group to look at students’ behaviour broadly focused on two aspects:

1)     Antisocial behaviour (understanding the extent of this, tracking and dealing with the problem)

2)     Capturing and promoting good behaviour (communicating in a coherent way good examples such as Action and volunteering).  

It was noted that the first meeting of the group would take place in June.

Members felt it was important that the Student Discipline Committee (SDC) be made aware of this group and the chair agreed to raise this with the Deputy COO.

ACTION: Chair to flag link to SDC to the Deputy COO.

ACTION: Chair to feedback to SET on the progress of the Group.

4.2 Student Experience Implementation Plan

Members discussed the actions in the Implementation Plan for 2013-14 and provided updates on progress.

A number of actions arose for discussions surrounding the updates. These were:

ACTION: Jill Thurman to update the next meeting of SET as to progress with the project looking to allow PGR students access to iTrent for booking staff development courses.

ACTION: Liz Chahal and Jill Thurman to discuss PGR support sessions

ACTION: Jennifer Nutkins and Dan Doran to discuss the possibility of setting up a small group to meet and discuss the production of information for academics on processes related to embedding equality.

ACTION: Debbie Grant and Liz Chahal to raise issues with the Student Enquiries reception with Miranda Routledge.

ACTION: Consistency of feedback to be discussed at next meeting with examples from Campus Living.

ACTION: Dan Doran to follow up on visibility of signage related to the Time for Change pledge.

ACTION: Secretary to add discussion of PGT issues to a future agenda.

4.3 Update from the Careers and Employability centre

Members received an update from the Head of CEC on current and forthcoming projects. These included:

1)     LU Graduate Attributes.

2)     Careers Registration Survey

3)     All Student Skills Programme

4)     Campus-wide coordination and enhancement of placements processes

5)     Pilot project to support new graduates at risk of unemployment or non-graduate level outcomes

5 Items for Information

5.1 NSS

It was noted  that the NSS 2014 had now closed. The final response rate at Loughborough had been 76.6% (compared to 74.3% in 2013). The sector final response rate had been 71.1%.

5.2 PTES

It was noted that PTES had commenced at Loughborough and that the current response rate was 20%.

5.3 I-Barometer

It was noted that a bid for funding had been submitted by the Academic Registry and Student Services to take part in the autumn wave of the I-Barometer. A decision was expected in late May.

6 Any other Business

 The Chair congratulated the Students’ Union on their recent award of Best Students’ Union (What University awards).

It was noted that Student Services, the Planning Office and CEDE had been nominated for awards at the upcoming THELMA.

The Students Union President highlighted the forthcoming Loughborough Student awards and invited members to nominated students.

The Chair noted that the next meeting of the Team would be the last for Debbie Grant and thank her for her contributions.

7 Date of next meeting

To be confirmed.

Author – Claire Atkins

Date – May 2014

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