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Notice of meeting

The next meeting of Student Experience Team will be held on 20 May 2014 at 14.00 in room 201.0.09, Hazlerigg Committee Room.

1 Previous Minutes


To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014.

2 Matters arising from the Minutes

2.1 Student Support Centre Annual Report (item 3.1 refers)

To receive an update on progress against actions from Liz Chahal and David Chapman

2.2 University Strategy (items 3.2 refers)

To receive an update from the Chair on discussions relating to induction.

2.3 Counselling and Disability Services Annual Report

To receive an update from the Acting Head on developing materials for staff and comments from the Counselling Service on the possibility of identifying themes from their work.

2.4 Academic Skills Review Update

To note that the Chair had highlighted the review to the COO.

To note that an itemised list of activity would be brought to the next meeting of the SET.

2.5 Promotional Materials for students

To receive an update from IT Services on the possibility of putting networking information in the rooms of students at the beginning of the academic year.

To receive an update from the Chair on a possible review of induction material.

3 Items for Discussion

3.1 Updates from the Chair

To receive verbal updates from the Chair on:

i)              Alcohol Culture Awareness Group

ii)             Student Behaviour Group

3.2 Student Experience Implementation Plan for 2013-14


To receive and review all priorities on the implementation plan. Progress will be reported to the next meeting of Student Experience Committee.

3.3 Update from the Careers and Employability Centre

To receive a verbal update from the Head of the CEC on forthcoming projects.

4 Items for Information

4.1 NSS

To note that the NSS 2014 has now closed. The final response rate at Loughborough was 76.6% (compared to 74.3% in 2013). The sector final response rate was 71.1%.

4.2 PTES

PTES was launched at Loughborough on 28 April. The response rate as of 13 May was 9.5%.

4.3 I-Barometer

To note that a bid for funding had been submitted by the Academic Registry and Student Services to take part in the autumn wave of the I-Barometer. A decision was expected in late May.

5 Any other business

6 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 1 July, 14.00 201.0.9, Hazlerigg Committee Room


Author – C Atkins

Date – May 2014

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