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Research and Enterprise IT Service Management Group

Terms of Reference


The primary purpose is to provide strategic direction on the Research & Enterprise IT business service. The SMG should agree the service levels, define the requirements and monitor performance of all of the services in its purview, considering feedback from relevant stakeholders and groups.

With a view across all elements of the Research & Enterprise (R&E) Service the SMG shall:

The SMG must apply the University Research and Enterprise policies and principles to all decisions, recommendations and ensure compliance with other applicable policies. When considering proposals the SMG must consider the following areas and where necessary make recommendations to remove constraints.


 The SMG may also have additional roles defined by individual projects or activities, including monitoring benefit realisation or quality assurance.


Formally meet every three months.


  1. [Chair] Associate Dean for Research
  2. ITS Business Partnering
  3. IT Business Service Owner 
  4. Associate Dean for Enterprise
  5. Open Access Advisory Working Group Chair
  6. HPC Stakeholder Group Chair
  7. Director of Research Office
  8. Director of the Enterprise Office
  9. Researcher(1)
  10. Researcher(2)
  11. PGR      

 Right of Attendance

  1. ITS Research Computing Team manager
  2. Deputy Director of IT Services
  3. IT Services Head of Service Delivery

Note: The chair or business owner may give other people right of attendance as appropriate.

[1] Note: To represent experience with holding a current EPSRC grant.

[2] Note: To represent experience with managing NHS or sensitive data.


Reporting Context

The Service Management Group is a devolved authority of ITGC, and will report and escalate to ITGC as necessary. As a subcommittee of ITGC this Service Management Group will have certain delegated accountabilities, whilst others will be retained by ITGC. It will be required to report and receive reports from other stakeholder groups as appropriate for the business service concerned; typically, this will be reporting from the HPC Stakeholder Group and Open Access Advisory Working Group).

The R&E SMG will report minutes to Research Committee and feedback will be provided by those in attendance.

Component Services of the Research and Enterprise IT Service

R&E SMG is intended to cover all services related to R&E Activity, many of the research administration systems are a joint venture between IT Services, the Research Office and the Library.

Services within the remit of the SMG are, but not exclusively:

 Note: Where there is a service cross-over between Service Management Groups; the IT Services Business Relationship Managers (Clive Woodhouse and Jeremy Byrne) will act as a conduit between all groups.

 Appendix 1 - Standard Agenda

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Business of the Agenda
  3. Minutes
  4. Matters arising from previous meetings not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda
    1. To note actions arising from the minutes
    2. To note any other matters arising

      SECTION A – Items for Discussion/Report

  5. Feedback and actions from associated groups
    1. Information Technology Governance Committee (Assistant Director, IT Services)
    2. Research Committee (Matt Cook)
    3. HPC Stakeholder Group (HPC Stakeholder Group Chair)
    4. Open Access Advisory Working Group (Open Access Advisory Working Group Chair)
  6. Consideration of proposals for new and modified services
  7. Review of IT Service Performance 
    1. Note: High level review of performance of relevant live IT services for the previous period.
  8. Receive and review service roadmaps and improvement register for the service
  9. Review and update R&E Operational Calendar 

    SECTION B – Starred Items for Approval

    SECTION C – Items for Information

  10. Any Other Business
  11. Dates of future meetings