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Academic and Related Staff Negotiating Sub-Committee
Thursday 26 September 2013



Notice of meeting

The next meeting of ARSNC will be held on 26 September 2013 in Committee Room 1, 201.0.09, Hazlerigg Building.

Meeting to be chaired by UCU.

[Irren Paul and Lauren Collier will be in attendance to take the minutes of the meeting]

19 Business of the Agenda

No items were unstarred.

Apologies for absence – Laura Mercer, Chris Linton

20 Previous Minutes

ASC(2013)-M2 - Minutes of the previous meeting

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 8 May 2013

21 Matters arising from the Minutes

5.1 Workload Control Model

22 Items for Discussion raised by University Management

22.1 None

23 Items for Discussion raised by UCU

23.1 REF 2014

UCU request an update from Management regarding the institutional position and feedback regarding the communication of decisions to staff and any resulting appeals.

23.2 NSS 2013

UCU request an update from Management regarding institutional responses to issues raised and feedback regarding learning and teaching priorities in the light of related reports, such as the QAA institutional audit.

23.3 Probation Arrangements for Academic Staff

UCU request Management to provide feedback on the current draft document, including a request for further clarification regarding the role of Enterprise.

23.4 Model Statute

UCU request management to encourage progress to be made in parallel with the advances made on policies and encourage the development of a timeframe to enable this to happen.

24 Items for approval

24.1 Terms of Reference, Composition and Membership


25 Items for Information


26 Any other business


27 Date of next meetings

  • 8 January 2014
  • 7 May 2014

Author – Laura Mercer

Date – September 2013

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