Is Loughborough right for me?

There are hundreds of universities to choose and no two universities are the same. Keep reading to find out whether Loughborough is the right fit for you.

It’s no secret that Loughborough offers the best student experience in the country. Our students really do love it here, but what is it about Loughborough University that makes it so special?

We're a family

Anyone who has a connection to Loughborough has experienced what it means to be part of the Loughborough Family. From incoming freshers experiencing the University for the first time, to the Alumni who graduated from the University decades ago - our students are passionate about their University and they are a tight-knit bunch. 

If you love the idea of throwing yourself into new experiences and making memories with people who are equally up for the challenge, then Loughborough could be the place for you.

We're on your side

For some, university is a fresh start and offers you the freedom to explore new opportunities and express yourself without fear of discrimination. Whatever you are going through, our various support networks can help you to settle into student life, meet new friends and feel accepted. 

We’re serious about sustainability

We pride ourselves on being a green and sustainable campus. It is home to a large number of different species and plants and provides a wonderful and diverse habitat for wildlife to thrive. The campus is filled with 7,500 trees, two ancient woodlands and an apiary where around half a million bees help to produce our famous Loughborough Gold Honey. 

We try to embed sustainability into everything we do at Loughborough and we work with students and staff across the University to promote awareness with campaigns and activities throughout the year. 

We're a creative campus

Our diverse creative offering is open to all abilities and covers a wide range of art forms including pottery, painting, creative writing, music, dance and drama. Whether you want to develop existing talents or learn a new skill, LU Arts offers something for everyone, from live performances, interactive workshops, taster sessions, discussion events, exhibitions and more.  

On campus, we have music practice rooms, galleries and studios, as well as dedicated spaces for evening classes, talks, screenings and performances.  The Cope Auditorium seats up to 200 guests and is used for National Theatre Live screenings, larger performances and concerts by societies and the University Choir. 

Your safety matters to us

Over five and a half thousand undergraduate students live with us on campus every year. It is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously, and we are continually reviewing our on-campus safety and security measures to help our students feel at home in halls. Every hall of residence has its own Fire Officer and hall warden system, providing safety, pastoral and welfare support whenever our students need it. Our campus also has a security team who are on duty 24 hours a day to provide assistance on a range of matters. 

We’ll bring out the best in you

Personal Best is a comprehensive development programme designed exclusively for Loughborough students. Developed by the University in partnership with some of the UK's most influential graduate employers, Personal Best will help you to identify and articulate your skills over the course of your degree. Those who achieve the Personal Best Award can demonstrate to employers that they have engaged with a wealth of opportunities during their studies and have the competencies, skills and attitude of a high-performing and well-rounded university graduate. 

Last year, we introduced an extension to the Personal Best framework for our next cohort of undergraduate students. Ready, Set, Loughborough will help students to develop the academic skills they need to begin their studies. The programme will also cover a number of important issues, such as mental health and wellbeing, resilience, respecting diversity, racism, consent, LGBTQ+ awareness, disability awareness, environmental awareness, emotional intelligence and staying safe online.

Just remember...

You have spent a lot of time, dedication and hard work progressing through each step of your education journey to make it to this moment. The option to go to university is finally within your reach, and it is important that you choose the university that is right for you. 

Wherever you decide to study, it is really important that you feel comfortable and at home when you get there. We hope that Loughborough is the right fit for you, but we encourage you to get out there and research as many options as possible before making any final decisions.