Top tips for clearing

If you are thinking about applying to Loughborough through clearing, take a look at our top tips to make sure you are ready to take action as soon as you receive your results.

Plan ahead

No matter how you confident you are about results day, it pays to research your options and make a plan for every outcome that you might face on the day. Take a look at our advice on how to prepare for results day.

Check your status on UCAS Track

Before you do anything else, we strongly recommend that you check  the status of your application on UCAS Track. Even if you have missed your grades, there is a chance that you will still be considered for the course you have applied for, or you could be made an offer onto an alternative course at the same university.

Collect your results

Checking UCAS Track should prepare you for collecting your results and avoid any uncertainty or confusion surrounding your place at the university. If you find that you have not achieved the grades you were expecting and you have not secured a place, there is no need to panic. Simply follow the steps below.

Stay calm

If you’ve done your preparation, you should have some idea of which universities you would like to contact first. Take a look at the clearing vacancies that are available on the university’s website. Whilst some university vacancies will be displayed on UCAS, we recommend going direct to the university’s pages to ensure you are viewing the latest and most accurate information.

Keep an open mind

As you begin searching for vacancies, try to keep an open mind. For example, if you are really interested in a particular subject but it is no longer available, you may wish to consider studying the subject as a joint honours, such as BA History and Politics instead of BA History. If you have your heart set on a particular location, you could check out the vacancies from the other universities located nearby.

Check the entry requirements

Once you have searched the vacancies and found the course that you are interested in, it is time to check whether you meet the entry requirements. Universities often change their entry requirements over the clearing period, so it is really important to double-check that your grades match the entry requirements that have been published on the university’s clearing webpages.

Make the call

Once you have found a vacancy and you have checked that you meet the entry criteria for the course, it is time to make the call to enquire about a place. Don’t ask your mum or dad to ring on your behalf. Universities want to speak to you, not your parents! Find somewhere quiet, with good reception, where you won’t be disturbed and can hear the person you are speaking to. Universities often have a special contact number for clearing, so make sure you are calling the correct line before making your enquiry.

Think carefully about your options

If you meet the entry criteria of the course, the university will make you a clearing offer that will be visible on your UCAS application. We will send you an email with further information about what to do next. Please follow the information detailed within the email carefully. The earliest you can make a decision on a clearing offer is 3pm on results day. Use this time wisely to reflect on your options and decide whether the course and the university is right for you.

Make your final choice

Once you are confident that you are making the right decision, you will need to confirm your place. To accept your place at Loughborough, you will need to press the 'Add Clearing choice' button on UCAS Track and enter the course details and institution code (L79), Adjustment: To accept your place at Loughborough you will need to reply to our email confirming your acceptance and ensure that you have registered for Adjustment in your UCAS Track. We can then make the necessary change on UCAS for you.

Stay positive

If you didn’t get a place at your preferred university, don’t be disheartened. There are lots of great universities out there that will offer you the opportunity to make new memories and study a subject you love. If you are really determined to go to your first choice university, you could consider retaking some of your assessments or enrolling onto a foundation course. For more information and advice on your options, try speaking to your school or college or visiting UCAS online.