Student finance for clearing and adjustment students

Here’s what you need to know about student finance.

If you have already applied for student finance

If you have already applied for student finance, make sure your student finance account is up to date. Log in to your account and check the ‘To do’ list, this will show whether there are any outstanding actions you need to take. If your course or university details have changed you will need to inform the funding provider, you can normally do this quickly and easily though your online student finance account.

If you haven’t already applied for student finance

If you haven’t yet applied for student finance you can still apply, but be aware that your funding provider (Student Finance England (SFE), Student Finance Wales (SFW), Student Finance NI (SFNI) or Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)) may not be able to process your application in time for payment of your student loan at the beginning of term. If you experience financial difficulties because of a delay in the payment of your student loan, please contact the University’s Student Advice and Support Service, who may be able to assist.

After your application has been assessed you will receive a student funding notification letter detailing how much funding you are eligible to receive (you can find a copy in your ‘letters and emails’ online). The termly breakdown of payments can also be accessed from your online account.

If your loan has been approved, payment will usually be made directly into your bank account three days after you have completed your registration and collected your Student ID Card. Make sure your funding provider has your correct bank details.

If you are an EU student eligible for tuition fee loan funding only you can only apply and make changes to your application by completing a paper form. Visit the GOV.UK website to access the form.

Common issues that could delay your funding

Failure to apply or respond

Failing to apply and/or respond to any further information request (if necessary) as early as possible.

National Insurance Number (UK students)

Make sure that you have included your National Insurance Number in your application. Funding providers regularly refuse to release money without it. EU students receiving only the fee loan are not required to provide a National Insurance Number.

Information/evidence required from you/your parents or guardians

Check your online account for any recent correspondence and check your ‘to do’ list. Ask your parents to check their student finance account too.

Bank account details

Log in to your student finance account to add or update bank details. Ensure you are accurate when inputting your account number and sort code to avoid losing any of your funding.

Change of course/university

For SFE, SFW and SFNI log in to your account and then go to: Your Account > Change Your Application > University/College and Course. Make sure you change this ASAP. After your student loan has been approved you may not be able to update the record, if so, you will need to ask Student Enquiries at the University to make the changes.

Change of address

If your term time address or email address have changed you need to notify student finance.

Student Finance contacts

How to contact student finance (local or national rate number)

Student Finance England

Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Beware of Phishing scams

Phishing emails are frequently sent to students, they can look convincing and each year some students are tricked into giving away personal details which can be used to hack into their bank or student finance accounts. How to avoid being a victim:

  • Funding providers will never contact you via email asking for personal information such as your log-in details, bank account or national insurance number.
  • You can check your online account to see if anything remains outstanding
  • You can always contact your funding provider direct rather than respond to an email link, text or phone call.

If you have responded to phishing contact your bank and funding provider immediately.

Contact the Student Advice and Support Service

If you need help to resolve a problem with student finance you are welcome to contact us.