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I am from a small town in Lincolnshire called Boston, and I attended Boston Grammar School, where I was Head Boy, and I studied Economics, Geography and History for A-level.

Thinking about going to university after my A-Levels was a big step into the unknown, given my family has no university background, but I decided to apply for an undergraduate course based on a subject that I enjoyed at A -Level: Economics. After attending an open day, I knew Loughborough was where I wanted to go to University.

I received a conditional offer for Economics, based on achieving AAB in my A-Levels, and although it would be difficult, I thought I would have enough to get these grades to study the course I wanted.

After sitting my A-Levels in the summer of 2017, naturally I was a little anxious about having to wait so long for my results. However, as I was told by my parents and teachers, ultimately you have done your best, and you can do no more than that. This was an excellent piece of advice that I would now give to any current A-Level student waiting for their results.

Joe Dean

On results day itself, I was sat ready and waiting on the UCAS website to see if I had got my first choice course and University, and upon the offer being released, I noticed that I, in fact, did not attain the required grades to study Economics, but that I had been offered a Change Course offer instead to study Geography with Economics.

Initially, I panicked a little, knowing that what I had my heart set on was not what I would be doing. I was also a little disappointed that I did not get the required grades either. Whilst Geography was a subject I had studied and enjoyed at A-Level; I had not even considered studying it at University.

In the meantime, my second-choice university had offered me a place on my first-choice course, making my decision a case between my first-choice course vs. my first-choice University.

I then went into school to officially open my results and found that I was just one mark off my offer, achieving grades of ABB. After going through the dilemma I faced with my secondary school teachers, combined with the research I had done into the Geography with Economics course, my conclusion was clear, go to your first-choice university!

I attended an Open House Event designed for people like me who had been through Clearing or had changed their course a couple of days after results day, and there a lecturer from the Geography Department spent a significant amount of time going through the course structure with my parents, which further reassured all of us that I had made the right decision, and I was very much looking forward to getting started with my Loughborough University career, and felt a sense of pride that I had managed to get into a top-5 university.

I have absolutely loved being a Loughborough student! I have really enjoyed my course, and it proves that, ultimately, everything happens for a reason. I have found the course stimulating and it has really stretched me, and my second- and third-year fieldtrips to Paris and Singapore respectively were amazing experiences. I also love how much there is to get involved with at Loughborough outside of your course; I have been on the Committee for the Holt hall, am a chair of one of the LSU societies and work for the University as a Student Ambassador. Basically, there is something for everyone, whether that involves sport, societies, action, rag or one of the many other opportunities available at Loughborough.

My overall piece of advice for all of you who are waiting for A-Level results is to say that you have done your best throughout your studies, and that is all you can give, and that this is more than good enough! My story, along with countless others, prove that everything turns out alright in the end, and I hope this helps to reassure you.

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