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I attended sixth form at Notre Dame School, Surrey. I had always wanted to go to Loughborough University as I’ve always been passionate about sport but was not confident enough of getting the grades necessary, and did not have high enough predicted grades, so didn’t apply through UCAS initially.

Like most young people, the approach of results day back in year 13 felt daunting. But having studied hard, I had a funny feeling that I may have done better than I had thought I would. Adjustment, the opposite of clearing, was a relatively new thing. The adjustment line is great as it gives you options when you achieve grades higher than expected and is easy to use. You can even try for a different course that you may have wanted at the University for which you are holding an offer.

So, on the day before results, I used my initiative and rang up the School of Geography (the subject I wanted to study) at a few universities including Loughborough to see what would happen if I got higher than predicted grades and obviously Loughborough was my top choice.

The School of Geography at Loughborough was so very helpful and said that if on results day I achieved the grades I needed for the course, I could phone them with scanned evidence of my grades and they would award me a place straight away. They gave me a number to call for if the clearing/adjustment line had a long queue (which it did!) it was the only university that I experienced doing this.

Catherine Harrison

On results day, I nervously went into school the earliest I could to collect my grades and thankfully I achieved those I needed for Loughborough.

Using the adjustment process and the direct number they had given me I secured a place and was able to access immediately a link to sign up to an open day happening that weekend for Loughborough (even though I was sold already as I had visited previously). The day was so well structured and informative and the Geography department were even expecting me and welcomed me by name.

Three years on, attending Loughborough University has been the best decision of my life and I have had the most amazing time here and have loved every minute. It has equipped me with skills that I know will help me in the world of employment. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Geography at Loughborough and it is known not only as one of the most multi-disciplinary degrees but as one of the most social courses with field trips and group work allowing everyone to get to know each other. I had 2 amazing overseas field trips to Paris and Ghana which are weeks I will never forget. I have loved it so much I cannot let go yet and have decided to continue my studies at Loughborough doing a master’s course.

My favourite thing about studying at Loughborough has been the inter-hall sport competitions which enable everyone to compete and experience pretty much every sport. Best of luck to all who are receiving results this summer, do not worry now as there is nothing more you can do. I hope to be welcoming you into the Loughborough family.

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