Preparing for results day

The run up to results day can be a difficult time for many students. Even if you are feeling confident about your results, it is a good idea to research your options and make a plan for results day so you can take control of your options depending on the outcome.

Step 1: Understand your options

As you approach results day, it is worth researching universities that offer courses that you are interested in and picking out a list of preferred universities with different entry requirements to your existing offer. Unfortunately, all our courses are closed for 2021 entry and you will be unable to search for a degree at Loughborough University through clearing or adjustment.

Step 2: Make a list of preferred universities and courses

Once you have researched your options, it is time to start thinking about the universities and courses that appeal to you the most. Think about the things that matter to you, such as the ranking and reputation of the university, the facilities and support services, or the overall student experience.

Talk through your options with family and friends and let them know your preferences depending on the outcome of your results. Opening up to loved ones will help you to feel in control of your options and will reduce the fear of missing your offer.

Step 3: Find out what to expect on results day

To ease any uncertainties in the run up to results day, it’s a good idea to understand what the day will entail so you can act quickly and decisively whatever your results. Hear from our staff and students in the video below, as they explain what you can expect from results day.

If you exceed your offer, you will have the opportunity to trade up to a university or course with higher entry requirements through Adjustment. By researching your options and making a list of preferred universities that you’d like to go to, you will have a clear idea of which universities to contact if your grades are higher than you expected.

Results day checklist

Ahead of results day, make sure you've:

Found out what time your school/college opens to collect your results?
Organised your UCAS documentation into one folder?
Made a list of preferred courses with different entry requirements?
Arranged access to a computer or device to search for clearing and adjustment vacancies online?
Made a list of university clearing and adjustment contact details
Arranged access to a mobile phone or landline
Limited other commitments on the day

Loughborough University confirmation hotline

If your place has been confirmed and you wish to speak to an advisor, call​ +44 (0)1509 274 403. Please have your UCAS ID to hand before calling.​

We’re sorry but our hotline advisors will be unable to make clearing or adjustment offers as our degree courses are full for 2021 entry. You may wish to consider applying to study with us in 2022 instead. ​

Step 4: Receive your results and take action

If you find that you have not achieved the grades you needed, don’t panic! Applying to a university through clearing is simple if you have a plan in place. By putting in the time to understand your options before results day, you can make sure you are one of the first in line to enquire about the courses you are most interested in and stand a better chance of getting a place at the university you most want to go to.