Top tips for clearing

Waiting for examination results can be a stressful time. We've created a list of our top tips to help you stay calm and plan for results day.

Be prepared

Preparation is key. First and foremost make sure you are around when results are released. We recommend that you put Thursday 16 August in your diary and ensure that you don’t have any commitments on that day so that if necessary you are free to explore your options.

Do your research

Details of the precise courses available in Clearing/Adjustment won’t be known until mid-August. However, you can still start to do some research now. Remind yourself about the criteria you used when you did your original research to shortlist courses and universities. Think about which courses/universities you would consider if you don’t get the grades you need.

Don't assume you've missed out

If you have narrowly missed the conditions of your offer there is still a chance that you will be considered either for the course you applied for or an alternative related programme. We recommend you check upon the status of your application on UCAS Track before doing anything else. So make sure you have your login details to hand.

Stay calm

You’ll need to act promptly but there is no need to panic. The UCAS website has loads of practical information about the Clearing process and you can search for details of the vacancies available before contacting universities. If you’ve done your preparation you should have some idea of which universities to contact first. Look carefully at the content of the courses available and make sure you understand what the degree actually involves. 

Keep an open mind

Do consider alternative options. For example, instead of History would you consider History and Politics? If you have your heart set on a particular location check out the vacancies from the other universities located nearby.

Make the call

Don’t ask your mum or dad to ring on your behalf. Universities want to speak to you, not your parents! Find somewhere quiet, with good reception, where you won’t be disturbed and can hear the person you are speaking to.

Make a visit

A good way to decide if a university is right for you is to go and see it for yourself, and speak to staff and students. Many universities hold open days in August especially for those applying through Clearing/Adjustment. Loughborough will be holding an Open House on Saturday 18 August from 10.00am-2.00pm.

Stay positive

Finally, stay positive! It’s likely that Clearing will involve some compromises, but don’t be disheartened. You may be setting off for a different university, to study a different course, but the opportunities to meet new friends and get involved in student life remain the same. Think positive and make the most of every moment!