Clearing guide

Hopefully you'll be accepted into your university of choice on results day, but sometimes things don't quite go to plan or you might want to look at alternatives. Whether you've not done quite as well as you'd hoped or perhaps better than expected, it's really important to have a backup plan in place.

Prepare for results day in five simple steps

Step 1: Find out what to expect on results day

The best way to prepare for Clearing is to have a firm understanding of what the day itself will entail. Watch this video for advice and guidance from staff and students based here at Loughborough University.

Step 2: Do you know what all of your options are?

On results day there are lots of options if things don’t go as you’d planned or you've changed your mind - Clearing and Adjustment are two such options.

If your grades aren’t quite as you expected, then you may want to consider Clearing. If you have done better than expected, then you may want to go through Adjustment. The short videos below explain all you need to know about these two options with lots of tips and advice.


No need to panic - watch our handy guide to Clearing which answers common questions and offers useful advice to those thinking of going through ‎Clearing.

What is Adjustment?

In this video guide, we explain what Adjustment is, how it works, who’s eligible and what questions you should ask.

Step 3: Stay calm and have a plan

Waiting for your exam results can be a stressful time. We've created a list of our top tips to help you stay calm and plan for results day.

Clearing top tips

Step 4: Do your research

Details of the courses available through Clearing won’t be released until mid-August. However, you can still start to do some research now. Remind yourself about the criteria you used when you did your original research to shortlist courses and universities. Think about which courses/universities you would consider if you don’t get the grades you need. 

Why choose Loughborough?

You can also register for our email service to be notified of updates and be the first to know when our Clearing and Adjustment vacancies are published.

Step 5: Checklist for results day

  • Stay local  

    Results need to be collected in person and universities will want to speak to the applicant directly (so you need to have access to the internet and phone)

  • Know your timings 

    Find out what time your school/college opens to collect results

  • Get your documents together 

    Gather all your UCAS documentation together in one folder

  • Entering clearing? 

    If you are entering Clearing make a note of your Clearing number – which will automatically appear on your UCAS track on results day

  • Stay contactable 

    Ensure that you have access to a phone and a quiet space to make calls

  • Don’t panic! 

     If things don’t go as expected speak to your teachers and careers staff and get their advice

  • Know what to expect 

    Watch our short videos in advance so you know what to expect from results day, Clearing and Adjustment