Waste Panorama (exhibition)

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Exhibition, Installation

An exhibition by Festus Adeyemi

This exhibition explores the challenge of waste management. Waste as a throw-away or single use article disturbs the global environment, and the control policy differs between developed and developing countries. Countries like the United Kingdom manage generated waste effectively but developing nations like Nigeria struggle with trash and ecological regulations.

Meanwhile, concerned researchers warn that if we do not act, plastics and waste will outweigh fish and aquatic animals in the sea by 2050! This is scary as the projected time is less than 30 years away. Consequently, all practicable solutions must be employed. Creative usage for waste items especially in the developing landscape of Lagos-Nigeria cannot be overstressed in the reuse, recycling, and repurposing of generated waste. This will evolve the ink for creativity, campaign against careless waste disposal, and preserve the pure eco-system against pollution.

In 'Waste Panorama', repurposed items of waste have been converted into pigments/ink, which Festus Adeyemi has used to created artworks to show what can be done instead of throwing items away.

This exhibition coincides with the start of Recycle Week, which runs from 20-26 September and is a national celebration of recycling. 

About the artist 

Festus Adeyemi is a research candidate in the School of Design and Creative Arts at Loughborough University and holds a master’s degree from the School of Arts and Design at Coventry University. Before coming to the UK to study, Festus was a senior tutor at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Federal College of Education (Technical) Yaba, Lagos-Nigeria for more than 12 years. During this time he presented several research papers, attended workshops, and published research articles in reputable journals in Nigeria.

In 2015 Festus staged a solo exhibition tagged ‘Between the Lines’ at Yusuf Grillo Gallery, Lagos-Nigeria. The show addressed transportation challenges in Lagos. He has also participated in many group exhibitions in Nigeria and at Coventry University.

His art speaks about environmental issues, waste recycling/repurposing, and the plight of people especially from Lagos, Nigeria. It seeks to be part of the solution to the challenges in the developing landscapes. Festus is inspired by the repurposed arts of El Anatsui, (B. 1944) and the transformative arts of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986).


There is ramp access to the gallery, which is located round the left hand side of the main gallery entrance, partway up the main ramp into Martin Hall. Unfortunately, it is not possible to leave this door open as it would block the ramp. Therefore please alert the exhibition invigilator in the gallery if you require access and need assistance. There is an accessible, gender neutral toilet on the ground floor of Martin Hall, which is accessible by ramp. If you have any specific access needs that you would like to discuss in advance of visiting the exhibition then please call us on 01509 222948 or email luarts@lboro.ac.uk. Information about the exhibition will be available in large print format should you require it. 

Covid-19 measures

Social distancing guidance remains in place on the Loughborough University campus so please maintain a safe distance from others when visiting the exhibition. To help with this, numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 5 visitors at a time and doorways and windows will be open to increase ventilation. A facemask should be worn unless you have a medical exemption.