Saturday Night's Main Event: Storytelling and Professional Wrestling

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This event will be streamed live via LU Arts' Facebook Page and the audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout by typing them in as 'comments'.

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Discussion, Screening, Talk

Join Loughborough scholars and professional wrestling aficionados Dr Claire Warden and Sam West for an exploration of storytelling and performance in professional wrestling.

Taking their theatre-led, Arts Council-funded project Wrestling Resurgence as a case study, this interactive online event celebrates contemporary women’s wrestling. 

The talk will be punctuated by video clips of live events culminating in a live stream of Resurgence’s acclaimed iron women match between Kanji and Charli Evans, a 30min contest that received widespread critical acclaim.

This event will be streamed live via LU Arts' Facebook page and the audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout by typing them in as 'comments'.

Themes will include intertextuality, digital media, play, storytelling, comedy, embodied practices, theatre and performance studies, and practice-based research.

Dr Claire Warden is Senior Lecturer in English and Drama at Loughborough University, and author of three monographs, including the British Academy-funded 'Migrating Modernist Performance: British Theatrical Travels through Russia' (Palgrave MacMillan). She is also the co-editor of 'Performance and Professional Wrestling' (Routledge 2016). She enjoys providing a bit of commentary for Wrestling Resurgence and chatting about wrestling on The Grappling Arts podcast.

Sam West is a doctoral researcher in the School of Design and Creative Arts at Loughborough University. Sam’s research, which is part of Loughborough’s Storytelling Academy, focuses on applied storytelling in independent professional wrestling. Sam is uncovering the hidden knowledge of theatrical wrestling to understand how performers use physical movement and vocalisation to tell stories. He is also exploring the unique ways that wrestling incorporates digital technology, such as social media, to extent stories beyond live performance into the wider world. Alongside his research, Sam runs the theatre-led, independent wrestling company Wrestling Resurgence, which has grown out from publicly funded free events, into a fully-fledged, commercially viable, independent wrestling company. In conjunction with Wrestling Resurgence, Sam has received consecutive Arts Council England Project Grants (Art & Wrestling, 2018, Everything Patterned, 2019).


This event is part of Arts Week, an exciting and diverse programme of online events from Loughborough University's creative community. View the full programme here.

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